Intensity Maps

These show where an athletes sprint and high intensity events took place on the pitch, which direction they were in and the distance of each event.


Open your PlayerData App and select the match you want to view.

    1. Your Intensity Maps can be found in the match session details by swiping the titles at the top of the match session to positional maps.
    2. swipe to  ‘INTENSITY MAPS’ and select which athletes you would like to view.
    3. Once you have selected your athlete their Intensity Map for each half will be shown below the dropdown menu
    4. You can enlarge the Intensity Map by tapping on the half you want to view.
    5. Two different types of run will appear. Green arrows indicate a High Intensity Run and an Orange arrow indicates a Sprint.
    6. The distance and direction of these runs is also shown by a small arrowhead at the end of each line.
    7. You can select multiple players by tapping on every player you want to view an intensity map for. Each player is given an individual intensity map and you can view each one by scrolling through the page.