Setting EDGE Names

How to change Initials or numbers on GPS unit

By assigning each EDGE GPS unit to a specific player you can have the units display their initials and player number. This helps players identify their own unit and also makes uploading data much quicker. The following guide will walk you through the process.

Video Guide 


EDGE name
    1. Turn on all of your EDGE GPS units and open your app
    2. On the home screen tap 'MORE'  on the bottom right
    3. Scroll down to EDGE SETTINGS and select ‘SET EDGE NAMES’
    4. All of the EDGE UNITS turned on nearby will appear on the screen
    5. Tap on each unit and input the initials and number you wish to use - NOTE: two letters and two numbers have to be inputted, e.g. AB 01.
    6. Press 'SAVE' and repeat for all EDGE GPS units
    7. your unit will now display the initials and numbers selected