How to Create Segments

Our segments feature allows you to split your training sessions so that you can view exactly what you did in each training exercise.

HubSpot Video
  1. Open your PlayerData App and select the session you want to segment.
  2. Tap the Green and White + button that you see in the bottom right hand corner and select ‘ADD SEGMENT’
  3. Create a title for your segment and select the time the exercise started and finished (To get the most accurate data try to be as close to your time as possible if you don’t know).
  4. To finish, hit ‘SAVE’ at the bottom of your screen and wait for the segment to be processed.
  5. To view your segments go to the ‘BREAKDOWN’ section of your training session at the top of the page (the one after ‘ATHLETES’).
  6. To view the data for this segment, tap on the segment you wish to view and a breakdown of your metrics will be provided.